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Minimally Invasive Balloon Sinuplasty

Fast Sinus Relief In-Office

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Fast Recovery

Most patients return to work and normal activity within 1-2 days.

Minimal Risk

No general anesthesia, sharp instruments or cutting of tissue involved.

Easy Scheduling

Fully covered by most insurance plans, the procedure can usually be setup within a few days notice.

Lasting Results

For qualified patients, studies have shown at least 2 year symptomatic relief equivalent to surgery.

South Florida Balloon Sinuplasty Specialists

All six of our physician-surgeons are American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Board Certified and experts at in-office Balloon Sinuplasty.

Four Easy Steps

See how this new minimally invasive, in-office procedure can eliminate long term sinus problems.

Step One – Wire Placement Into the Sinus
Step Two – Balloon Dilates Sinus Opening
Step Three – Irrigation of Sinus If Needed
Step Four – Balloon Withdrawn

Revolutionary New Fast Sinus Treatment Now Available!


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